Welcome to VIP Tech Job Project Web App!

We are aware that it’s hard to find sites or tools for job seeking especially adapted for blind and visually impaired people on the Internet. Even in articles written by people working for associations helping blind and visually impaired people, the majority of the references are to generalistic apps and websites. This web app will enable users to share and view contents related to job opportunities suitable for blind or visually impaired people, in an accessible way. Besides, blind or visually impaired people, will be able to share job opportunities they could find interesting for the rest of the users as well; and of course, they can submit their job applications in a quick and easy way. Click here right now to create your applicant account and to get access to all the resources and job offers available inside the web app. Companies are invited to publish their job vacancies, to recieve job applications and to look up the best candidate among the CVs uploaded onto the web app. Click here to create your company account and get access to these features. We have also developed a free online training platform to try to help VIP (Visually Impaired People) and blind people to better use the available tools in the Internet, and to teach them on how to sell themselves, with the main goal of getting an interview. The platform is free to use, and includes important information about legislation, resources and much more in the EU and, in particular, in the countries of the project partners: Belgium (Views International), Italy (Aforisma Toscana and Istituto Rittmeyer) and Spain (Docete Omnes Foundation).

This content is also available in: Français (French) Italiano (Italian) Español (Spanish) polski (Polish) Română (Romanian) Ελληνικα (Greek)